Call (607)773-8011 for Orders or email: [email protected]

Order by the 12 lb. Case - Orders will be Delivered on Thursday

All orders need to be in by 11:00 AM EST on Monday.  Deliveries are on Thursday

Note - Internet Pay Option is NOT available for these items.

Individual Customers - In Store Purchase Sausage Menu: 

Sweet Sausage (links or bulk) - $5.29 per lb

Hot Sausage (links or bulk) - $5.29 per lb

Sweet Garlic Sausage (link) - $5.49 per lb

Hot Garlic Sausage (link) - $5.49 per lb

Sweet Sausage Patties - $5.59 per lb

Hot Sausage Patties - $5.59 per lb

Breakfast Sausage (2oz patties) - $5.29 per lb